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Markets We attend

 We strive to only pick fruit that has been ripened on the vine for optimum taste and sweetness. NO SPRAYS OR PESCTICIDES are used in the growing of our produce. We only use beneficial insects in our operation, they are lady bugs,  parasitic wasps and bees. We produce 3 different kinds of cucumbers, Heirloom tomatoes, Beef steak tomatoes, 4 other varieties of tomatoes, a variety of cherry tomatoes, Zuchinni, Green Beans, Yellow Beans, large and small sweet peppers  as well as 6 different varieties of hot peppers. We also have Living lettuce, and sugar snap peas


Tues    9:00-1:00 Stettler Agriplex

 Red Deer 

 Wed    4:00- 7:00 Red Deer Downtown


Wed     4:00- 7:00 Delburne Hall           Red Deer

Sat     8:30- 12:30  Pederney Arena


Sun    9:00- 2:00    2324-111 Street/

​Kempf's Greenhouse